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AUCHAN: Lotta allo spreco


Since 2013 Auchan support the WWF program One Planet Food. An initiative that sensibilizes citizens for preventing food waste in a domestic environment.

Since years Auchan is fighting against the waste of resources, be it food, environmental and economic, to ensure the sustainability of the territories where they are present and ensuring to educate citizens to a virtuous behavior.

According to research, every year the Italian families throw 1.2 million tons of food, valued at 7.65 billion euro, equivalent to an average of 316 euro per family.

In order to proof to citizens that food that might normally been thrown away can actually be the bases for a delicious and sustainable recipe Plan.Net has created the initiative „Buttali in pentola“ (simply throw them in the pan). In cooperation with a famous food blogger Plan.Net created a project that was brought to live on the website

Plan.Net together with Serviceplan designed the logo of the „Insieme contro gli sprechi“ (together against wasting) that represents the areas of environment, energy, water and food waste. The logo builds a visual guidance on the website and all materials that were produced to support the initiative.

On the website consumers could get inspired from recipes cooked with food left overs and upload their own recipes done with food waste. The blogger, Lisa Casali, expert of eco-food and sustainable cooking selected 70 recipes from the Auchan users and Auchan published them in a book reward the most useful recipe.

The initiative continues to live online on the dedicated website and various moments of communication on the corporate Auchan website. 




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Diego Cermelli

Diego Cermelli
Strategy & Business Development