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BK: the new King Nuggets


Plan.Net decided to communicate a promotion in a different, fun way, in order to reach a young target group on social networks: the idea is to entrust the creation of a jingle (background of the impressive advertising campaign), not to celebrities, but to the talent of Martinez, member of Zero2, a crew of young rappers from Milan.
The chorus that everybody sings, became famous thanks to a video posted on the official facebook page of Burger King, in which Zero2 orders in a spectacular way the new King Nuggets in a King Drive. The four rappers, sitting in their car, surprise an unsuspecting cashier and revel in a freestyle that sees Martinez protagonist thanks to his rapping skills at an incredible speed. Burger King® has jumped on the trend launched in the US and loved by young Americans. The "drive-thru rap" videos are made when people go to the drive-thru of a fast food, play a music background and order in an original way between rap and beatbox, using their own style. They often film themselves and share their performance online.


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Diego Cermelli

Diego Cermelli
Strategy & Business Development