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Auchan: Gente di Mare


Live the sea in your own way with Auchan
The beautiful girl does not give up on the sand and even wiith heel 12 she snaps selfie repeatedly, tanned guy with rippling muscles in plain sight, the boy who spends his days building amazing castles on the shoreline, the lady of a certain age that stays on the beach from dawn to dusk without a moment of break. Who has never had these characters as umbrella neightbours? Indeed, we can often recognize us directly into one of these descriptions.
To launch their offers for the summer period, Auchan has entrusted Plan.Net Italy the task of create and implement its promotional strategy. The creative agency has decided to play with some "types from the beach" that populate the Italian coast, kicking off the campaign "People of the Sea". Ten caricatures of as many characters that is easy to find on the beaches of Italy and to identify with.

These ten characters will follow the clients of the French retailer within the various stores for the duration of the operation, but their main role will be to characterize the wide range of products for holidays offered by Auchan. So "Misspiaggia" will be the testimonial of products such as swimsuits and beach bags, "the Comfortable" of umbrellas, beach chairs, fridge and bags, "the surfer" of boards, masks, fins and kayaks, "the Little Architect" of games for children. Because to identify with these characters is, in fact, very funny. The Auchan offer will be completed by sunscreens and supplements, flip flops, shorts, t-shirts, towels, pools of various sizes, waterproove technology such as cameras and all you need to "live the sea in your own way. "



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Diego Cermelli

Diego Cermelli
Strategy & Business Development