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Mediaplus and Plan.Net establish a joint venture for programmatic advertising

Mediaplus and Plan.Net combine their expertise in the field of programmatic advertising. The management of "PREX Programmatic Exchange" will be acquired by Julian Simons, the Managing Director of mediascale, as well as Manfred Klaus and Andrea Malgara, the Managing Director of Plan.Net Group, or Mediaplus Group respectively. The objectives of the joint venture are especially, in addition to the expansion of services in programmatic advertising, the close integration and integrated cooperation of creation, media and data based insights in the field of programmatic marketing.

Munich, July 14th 2016 — Mediaplus and Plan.Net bring their expertise together in programmatic marketing: the newly established joint venture will be responsible in the future, for purchasing, booking, handling, and the optimisation of all programmatic and automated campaign components within the Serviceplan Group. PREX Programmatic Exchange (abbreviated: PREX) builds itself upon the years of programmatic advertising expertise of the agency mediascale, within the Plan.Net Group, to establish programmatic and automated advertising forms, not only online, but also in all additional media genres. The management of PREX will be acquired by Julian Simons, the Managing Director of mediascale, the appertaining agency for integrated data-supported brands and distribution communications, as well as Manfred Klaus, the managing Director of the Plan.Net Group, and Andea Malgara, the managing Director of the Mediaplus Group. Tobias Wegmann, the Chief Technical Officer at mediascale, completes the team as the general manager at the management level.

PREX distinguishes itself especially, through the close integration of creation, media and data based customer insights: "In my eyes, what PREX does so exceptionally, is the 'integrative home' within the Serviceplan Group, that unifies all communication disciplines under one roof. Currently, programmatic advertising often gives away huge potential, because the programmatic play out ends up being detached from the creation. Only when the right media placement meets the most efficient advertising format and the appropriate individual message, does programmatic marketing utilise all of its potential. That is exactly what we can ensure at 100 per cent in the house of communication", says Julian Simons.

"Programmatic advertising has established itself in online advertising in a comparatively short time", said Andrea Malgara. "Now it is about expanding programmatic and automated procedures to classic channels such as TV, radio and out of home. In this, lies the challenge in the future. With PREX, we lay the foundation for the next generation of communication measures, in which automated and programmatic modulations become standard".

Manfred Klaus adds, "The customer demand for programmatic and automated advertising forms increases as the demand for guidance and classification increases. With the establishment of this joint venture, we bring together the expertise of Mediaplus and Plan.Net to optimally utilise the new possibilities of campaign steering and to design efficiency enhancing campaigns."

Picture management PREX (from left): Manfred Klaus, Julian Simons and Andrea Malgara